LINK changes and continues

The Link Mentorship Program

by Amel Murphy

To all the valued supporters of The Link Mentorship Program who have helped since 2013 to accelerate women in their careers

Firstly, I like to thank you all for your contributions and commitment to participate in The Link Mentorship Program. Passionate women such as yourself have joined together, to create knowledge sharing and favourable conditions for continuous learning and growth. It has been both encouraging and rewarding to have pioneered this program and joined together with you as likeminded women on this mission.

My lead role with The Link has come to an end and I am above delighted that the legacy of this amazing program will be continued across the UAE Simone Lawrence, as the new lead of The Link Programme going forward. Simone has participated as a mentor as part of the 6th cohort and has been selected to take over as lead of the program due to her passion, commitment and integrity to continue the journey.

Kindly please show her the same support and due diligence as you have to myself, this whole program exists because of you.

If you are interested to continue your involvement with The Link and/or create an opportunity to connect with Simone to get involved in the feedback process from the 6th cohort and the reshaping of the 7th cohort, please do reach out to Simone Lawrence to express your interest on and Simone will make sure she adds you to the mailing list.

I would also like to thank you for your patience during the process of handing over the programme for a 2019 intake and am sure, that you will hear more from the new person in charge of The Link in the very near future.

Sincere gratitude to you all.

Amel Murphy