Mentoring Program

The Link Mentorship Program


  1. Personal satisfaction in helping someone grow professionally

  2. Develop your skills as a facilitator, a guide and an advisor

  3. Learn from your mentee

  4. Build new relationships with fellow LINK mentors

  5. Receive recognition

  1. Receive unbiased career advice from an experienced professional

  2. Have a mentor guide you through your workplace challenges

  3. Have someone believe in you and your ability and help you develop greater confidence

  4. Receive support to figure out what you want from your work, and how to make the appropriate choices

  5. Expand your network with LINK mentors and fellow mentees

About THE LINK program

The LINK’s Mentoring Program connects early female career professionals with a senior, experienced career woman and man as a mentor (usually with 10+ years experience).

The LINK is led by Simone Lawrence and Melissa Schlimm from the ameliorate group, focused on executive coaching and learning solutions to superpower the workforce and gender empowerment.

The relationships are goal-oriented and time bound in order to achieve results on the pre-established goals of the mentee.

Who should join?

Join The LINK if you want to be part of a community of women that support each other in their professional and personal growth! The LINK brings together professionals with different experiences, and its current mentors and mentees represent a diverse mix of backgrounds and professions. These relationships lead to valuable information exchange, development as well as networking.

What is the time commitment?

The mentoring program is a nine month commitment, during which The LINK recommends that approximately 2-4 hours per month are given to the mentoring relationship. The relationship is flexible and it is up to the pair to arrange convenient dates and meeting times. The mentorship starts in September and runs until June. Recruitment for joining the cohort is open from March-July.

What is the joining process

The LINK has a robust process for making the best match between the mentor and mentee. After interested mentors and mentees submit their online registration or application to join, The LINK team will review. Once the match is made, mentors are invited to attend The LINK’s mentoring orientation where they will receive the tools and guidance to maximize their relationship. After the pair’s subsequent meeting, they will complete a Mentoring Agreement to align goals and expectations.