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The Link Mentorship Program

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As a mentee, the outcome of your mentoring relationship depends largely on you.

LINK Mentees are graduating university students or early female career professionals within the first few years of of their work experience whho are seeking support for their professional and personal development. A mentee is looking to make a positive change in her life and wants to learn from her mentor’s insight and wisdom. A mentee also wants her mentor to challenge her thinking and open her mind to new possibilities.

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Why join?

Receive unbiased career advice from an experienced professional
Have a mentor guide you through your workplace challenges
Have someone believe in your ability and help you develop greater confidence
Expand your network with LINK mentors and fellow mentees

How to Join

Step 1: Complete & submit the mentee application form (to be completed in one sitting)

Mentee Application

Step 2: The LINK team make the best match to a suitable mentor based on your expressed interests and aspirations.

Step 3: Once we find you a suitable match, you will attend our group orientation training to prepare the ground for your mentoring relationship.

Get Started: After your first meeting with your mentor, you will sign a ‘Mentoring Agreement’ for expectations to be understood and so that both undertake a clear commitment.

During the nine-month mentoring relationship:

  • You will be asked to fill a few brief quarterly assessments so that The LINK may monitor the progress of your relationship.
  • We encourage you to attend the regular gatherings organized by the ameliorate group in order to share your experience and further the learning process.
  • If things do not work out with your current mentor, we can always re-assign you to a new mentor if you wish.


For a successful mentoring relationship, it is important for you to:

  1. Commit to your development
  2. Come to your meetings prepared with a clear idea of what topics or issues you want to address
  3. Be open about your goals, expectations, challenges and concerns
  4. Actively listen and question
  5. Seek advice, opinion, feedback, and direction from your mentor
  6. Be open to constructive criticism/feedback and ask for it
  7. Assume responsibility for acquiring or improving skills and knowledge
  8. Give feedback to your mentor on what is working or not working in the mentoring relationship

To be an effective mentee, you need to:

  1. Be ready to work at the relationship
  2. Be open-minded and willing to learn
  3. Be honest and real
  4. Be proactive and take initiative
  5. Be forward-thinking
  6. Respect your mentor’s time and resources
  7. Follow up on agreements
  8. Be willing to allocate approximately 2-4 hours a month to the mentoring relationship over the course of the 9-months mentoring program