The Link Mentorship Program

Mentoring through challenging times

Mentoring in challenging times

by Melissa L. Schlimm Infection numbers are going through the roof, job security is non-existing, and the future is vague, fuzzy or blurred, if at all visible. Yes, this is painting the picture of Covid-19. The stress, that Covid-19 is creating, goes beyond anything most living humans have previously faced. That is why it is…
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The role of the mentee

by Melissa L. Schlimm That is the number of mentors I had throughout my career journey – including studies. I would dare to say, that none of them are aware of how much they contributed to my professional development, although this is the list of my mentors looking back at my last 16 years of…
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The Link Mentor Beachwalk

by Melissa L. Schlimm Head freshened up by the 💨wind, mind opened by the 🌊sea and feet stimulated through the 🏖️sand under our feet. That was The Link Barefoot Beachwalk for our mentor tandems. Although Christmas is around the corner, we had committed mentors and mentee show up to experience their mentor tandem in a…
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Mentoring Tandem Matching

by Melissa L. Schlimm The Mentor Matching with the Link is finalized, and we are proud to have matched 97 mentors. Depending on the rationale behind the mentoring initiative different organizations may find different approaches helpful. At The Link the objective is to match a female professional with a mentor, so the matching required needs…
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Leveraging relationships

by Simone Lawrence EY is passionate about fast-tracking the entire female agenda having more women in the workplace with a career in the direction they want to. For that EY offers women support along the way of making partner with different programs offered from through the organisation. Listen to Rachel Ellyard as she is sharing…
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The Link Gathering

by Simone Lawrence The rooms were both buzzing at the Link Mentor Gathering as well as the Link Mentee Gathering – one time with energy to action and the other with curiosity to grow. The Link Mentor Gathering was hosted at the Manzil Address Downtown Hotel, supported by the amazing Sharihan Al Mashary, the first…
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Mentoring with multidimensional purposes

by Melissa L. Schlimm Mentoring with multidimensional purposesThe world is full of opportunities and sometimes these opportunities are blurred. What if all that is required is someone who helps to clear the vision? Someone who is unbiased and without a hidden agenda. Someone who is able to see the opportunities clearly and who knows how…
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8 things that make a great mentor

by Simone Lawrence Imagine a young aspiring female leader climbing the ladder of success, with the name Hannah. She is not only confronted by the fact that she has to compete with male colleagues in an anti-female environment, but also the expectations of her family towards her role outside of her working life. She knows…
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Voluntary mentoring is the right thing to do

by Simone Lawrence As a mentor with The Link Mentorship program I was matched up with a mentee for a 12-month partnership where we met monthly to help the mentee with the challenges and opportunities for her career. What a positive experience it was, we both received such great learning from spending time together. My…
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LINK changes and continues

by Amel Murphy To all the valued supporters of The Link Mentorship Program who have helped since 2013 to accelerate women in their careers Firstly, I like to thank you all for your contributions and commitment to participate in The Link Mentorship Program. Passionate women such as yourself have joined together, to create knowledge sharing…
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